Mission Statement:

The Outreach- Home Party Divas was created to make a difference in communities nationally and in some cases internationally .  

The goal is " Gutter to Glory"   Helping those who struggle with addiction , poverty and everyday struggles such as single parenting .  

The Outreach ~Home Party Divas NPO 

Fund Raising and awareness to your cause  Send us an E mail and see how we can help you. 

‚ÄčWelcome to our page , we are glad you are here. 

What we do :

We are a group of God fearing people who go out in our community to help provide the needs of individuals who struggle .  

We help with simple household needs , education , job placement .  skill training and we also lead those in need of treatment for addiction to the right place with the right people that can assist in a sober life .  

We gather together as small businesses and ministries to bring awareness and funding for causes that are important to members of our communities to make a difference in their lives and causes . 

The events we hold are all non profit and everyone who works  volunteers . 

All of the raised funds go back to the causes we are raising them for and the fees charged to vendors are what pays for the events to happen .   We are happy to serve .