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Cynthia Stone with Princess House is one of the most amazing consultants in her company.

Giving back to the community through her business , Cynthia has earned and given many products to the needy in her community and through our outreach.   Her calm spirit and generous nature have enriched the lives of so many.    Cynthia is our team leader in Miami Florida and she reaches out not only through events but through private shows on line and in person always with a servants heart .  

   Years ago Princess House was fine glassware that made any event you had sparkle but now Princess House is so much more! 

With the fine glassware , table settings, accessories for the kitchen and pots and pans they offer and so much more ,  Princess House is a great and beautiful way to fill the kitchen with healthy functional cookware that will last for years and years. 

Princess house makes a great gift as well , Perfect for a birthday , anniversary or wedding, giving a functional lasting gift that will build family memories for years to come .  

To learn more please go to her link at 

Http://www, or press the link below . 

The Outreach ~ Home Party Divas NPO 

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We are a group of women and men on a mission .   We are all in small business and we work hard in our communities to help people in need .   

We are proud that each team has a specific platform that they work with in their community .   We are here to help all causes that have an outreach . 

It is our mission to make a difference .  

If you are interested in becoming a benefactor please e mail us at . 

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