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Last month we were honored to connect with  Jacqui Wadsworth the proprietor of " THE GILDED GOWN " in Knoxville TN.    We were connected by a good friend of mine Deborah Shulman of " Belly Baby and Beyond "   

Every Year our outreach collects gowns for our local high schools and for an event called Night To Shine by the "TIM TEBOW FOUNDATION as well as for the Today's International Woman Pageant .   Our Outreach sector for this is called " The Princess Diva Project " and we have been doing this for 3 years now. 

In many cases young people who wish to enjoy prom , or a formal dance are unable to afford a beautiful gown, we are happy to help in every way we can . 

This year the GILDED GOWN offered to donate , needed gowns to us and because of them we were able to donate over 100 " Beautiful ! " ,  gowns to these two wonderful events .  

 We gave to 3 local high schools and a Night To Shine in 2 states as well as being able to assist charitable women who are competing in , Today's International Woman Pageant.     This pageant is all women all shapes all sizes all ethnic background and all abilities, who compete not by how they look but by "who they are "and "what they do to make a difference in the world we live in ."

  I am honored to be involved in all of these wonderful organizations as the National Spokes model for Today's American ~ International Woman 2016-17 

What we do would not be possible with out great companies like the GILDED GOWN .  

 I drove to TN to pick up the donation and I was so incredibly impressed with the store.    The choices , styles designers and colors were amazing ,  

 The size range is not like any store I have ever seen ranging,  from size 0 short and tall to size 36 short and tall .  

The wedding line is HUGE and the price range is awesome and extremely reasonable .    You will get top attention when you go to the Gilded Gown and you will surly find the dress of your dreams there.    

If you are seeking the perfect gown , dress , wedding gown or formal wear it is surly worth the drive ,from anywhere you may be .   Go on line today and see what the GILDED GOWN has just for you. 

Special Thanks to Jacqui for your generous donation, you have made a huge difference in the life of others. 


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This month Princess House has gifted our Outreach to help single moms or young families starting out with a small start up set of pots and pans and utensils .    We are going to gift these sets to the people we feel need them most .   They are brand new and ready to go to the right home.   If you would like to be a receiver of this fine cookware .  Please fill out the form below and tell us why you would be the deserving recipient .  

We are a group of women and men on a mission .   We are all in small business and we work hard in our communities to help people in need .   

We are proud that each team has a specific platform that they work with in their community .   We are here to help all causes that have an outreach . 

It is our mission to make a difference .  

If you are interested in becoming a benefactor please e mail us at . 

Thanks for coming to our site .  browse around to learn more about us.   

Cynthia Stone with Princess House is one of the most amazing consultants in her company.

Giving back to the community through her business , Cynthia has earned and given many products to the needy in her community and through our outreach.   Her calm spirit and generous nature have enriched the lives of so many.    Cynthia is our team leader in Miami Florida and she reaches out not only through events but through private shows on line and in person always with a servants heart .  

   Years ago Princess House was fine glassware that made any event you had sparkle but now Princess House is so much more! 

With the fine glassware , table settings, accessories for the kitchen and pots and pans they offer and so much more ,  Princess House is a great and beautiful way to fill the kitchen with healthy functional cookware that will last for years and years. 

Princess house makes a great gift as well , Perfect for a birthday , anniversary or wedding, giving a functional lasting gift that will build family memories for years to come .  

To learn more please go to her link at 

Http://www, or press the link below .